Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Battle of Turkey Run Race Report

Well, the good news is I've been riding and racing. The bad news is I had a big diabetes FAIL at this race.

The race took place in Zanesville, OH on Saturday at the privately owned S&S trails. You can ride the trails on Wednesday evening during the group rides. This race was HOT, in a bad way. 91 degrees with near 100% humidity, the course was sticky peanut butter mud due to the overnight deluge that passed through. The stats from the race were about 14.5 miles of course with 2000+ feet of climbing. The overall race was set up world cup style meaning short course with multiple laps, sport class had to do 4 laps.

1. finish = complete
2. Not finish last = complete
3. not let my Wheels On Fire teammate Dan lap me = complete! :)

It was a good race, not my best but good. I had some diabetes issues, I spiked my blood glucose and when I stopped after the first lap to check and see what it was, I was out of test strips in my small meter that I carry with me, FAIL. I tried not to freak out, regained my composure and just rode. I thought about DNF'ing but talked myself out of it as I rode. I was alright for now and making it work. I felt like shit but I was pressing on to lap three and then lap four. I also managed to avoid cramps until the last 500 ft. of the course where I hopped off my bike and ran and then hopped back on for the obligatory photo finish! I grabbed some water, chatted with a few fellow racers and headed to my car to check my BG. It was 349, double fail.

Like I said thought, I survived and lived for the next race and I'm not going to beat myself up, if I was feeling better I could have smoked the poor conditioned course!

Here's a picture of me during the race, more to come hopefully!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sorry, I need to quit saying that. Here's a damn update finally!

So I finished the Mohican 100K! I didn't just finish, I kicked it's ass! I was hoping to finish the 100K in 9-10 hours, I finished in 8:19:00 with room to grow next year. Thank you to all of the people who have supported me in my training and a special thanks goes out to Wheels On Fire Bicycle Service, my team sponsor.

I took the day off Friday to sleep in and finish getting myself ready. I packed everything up and went to a wonderful lunch with my girlfriend before heading out around 2:00. Loudonville is about 1.5 hours away and you can get stuck behind slow traffic on the back country roads. I stopped along the way and picked up Subway for dinner for some decent protein and carbs. I got down to Mohican Adventures to register and pick up my information pack at about 4pm. From there I went to check in at the Mohican River Inn, this Inn is the main reason why my gf did not want to attend this year. I brought my sleeping bag to sleep on top of the bed linens, we'll leave it at that! I chatted with some of the other folks racing, I would have been better if my blood sugar would not have spiked so high. It was painfully high, so I took the necessary insulin after I discovered my pump hose was blocked. I settled in for a long night of tossing and turning but my blood sugar finally came back to a normal level.

I think I'm babbling a lot so let's get to it. Got up at 5am to get ready, pack everything back up and drive my car to the finish line parking lot. Got the bike and myself ready and then rode the mile to downtown Loudonville for the start. Once at the start line the let us know the 100K folks would be starting 15min later than the 100milers to avoid bottlenecks. Off we went and I knew right off the bat I was going to kick ass. Weather was great and the sun was shinning, a far cry from the rivers of last years crazy race.

Everything said and done:
Official Time: 8:19:13 113th place out of 197 in my class (Winner finished in 4:55:57!) My goal next year is to shave 30 min off!
Bike time from cycle computer: 7:41:15
Miles: 63
Feet of climbing: 7373
Calories burned: 5835
Average HR 163
Temp: 93 and sunny

Picture of me crossing the finish line!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mohican 100K Time!

Hi Everyone,

I'm here, I'm alive and yes, I've been slacking! I have been training quite a bit for the Mohican 100K, no DNF this year! I'm taking the day off on Friday to get myself together and down to Loudonville, OH for the race. I'm really excited and pretty nervous too! I'm sure I'll do fine, I have more miles and quality miles at that in this year vs. last year. Last weekend I took the trip down to Mohican to ride the 25 mile loop and had plenty of energy in the tank to keep going. I was barely winded!

The weather looks beautiful, the bike is running great and I feel darn good! Time to start making my lists and try not to forget anything this year like I did last year. Who forgets the bladder for their camelbak???

More posts coming soon!